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The Coolest Things to Do in Jamaica with ILYSSE Experiences


Treat Yourself

What’s the point of an excursion in Jamaica, if you haven’t enjoyed the lifestyle and culture?





Dive right into the Jamaican way of life with ILYSSE Experiences, an all-inclusive, luxury itinerary. ILYSSE (pronounced ee-lis) is a cherry-picked collection of things to do and feel in the island.

Whether you are on a family vacation or on a solo trip to gain cultural capital, ILYSSE offers everything you could wish for on your island holiday. From a leisurely driving tour, to a cooking show featuring Caribbean delicacies, to picnicking in the expanse of lush gardens, there is an activity for everyone. Here’s a brief snapshot:

6 things to do in Jamaica with ILYSSE Experiences

  • Escape to the mountains with a scenic driving tour of the countryside

  • Savour delicious local Caribbean cuisines over a 5-course meal

  • Taste wines, spirits, rums, and non-alcoholic blends

  • Explore beautiful gardens and enjoy exotic fruit and flora

  • Enjoy the finest al fresco dining in our tropical gardens

  • Chat with locals who are always happy to answer your questions about Jamaica

It’s not every day that you come to Jamaica so why not make the most of it? Create lasting memories, learn things about the island, or just decompress, relax and unwind. Sign up for a laid-back cultural trip in Falmouth, Jamaica with ILYSSE today.

Activities and Excursions in Jamaica

Need a detailed itinerary so that you can choose better? Here are some of the best attractions that are part of ILYSSE Experiences:

Al Fresco Dining and Cooking Show

Get refreshed and invigorated on arrival with our welcome drinks and cuisines. Prepare to sample the best that Jamaica has to offer in exotic local fruit, tropical wines, world-renowned spiced rums, and non-alcoholic blends. There’s a fruity flavour for everybody, both young and experienced.

After you’ve settled in, take a culinary journey through Jamaica’s cultural food history with our signature cooking class. Embrace your inner chef while learning to make local dishes, recipes that you can share with your family and friends. Why not earn some social credit by sharing your culinary experiences of Jamaica back home? 

If you are not cooking-inclined, simply sit back and enjoy our company while we cook you a delicious meal from scratch. Of course, the Jamaican way, the only way here at ILYSSE.

Driving Tour to the Green Hills 

Enjoy a leisurely ride off the beaten track to places nestled in the picturesque hills of Falmouth. Along the scenic mountain roads, take in the gorgeous vistas of citrus orchards, coconut trees swaying in the wind and thick bamboo groves hugging the banks of rivers and streams as they wind their way through the tropical forested interior.

Our driving tour is a great way to kickstart a blissful sojourn through the flora of the island city. If you ask us, it’s the perfect alternative to the Falmouth Jamaica cruise excursions.

The Very Best of Jamaican Lifestyle

We know that you dream of a paradise-on-island lifestyle in Jamaica. At ILYSSE, we can help you turn that into a real experience. The unparalleled charm of the warm tropical mountain breeze, landscaped surroundings, and being at peace while vibing to Jamaican music – all at once.

This is for you if you have never experienced the Jamaican way of life before! Our guests keep saying that staying at ILYSSE is like hanging out at a friend’s place. Well, we’ll let you be the judge of that.


Come, visit us for a laid-back vacation in Jamaica.


One love,

Doyl and Feona



Note: For tourist advisory and resources surrounding Covid-19 in Jamaica, visit the Jamaica Cares Resource Centre.

Learn to cook like a Jamaican!

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