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There are few things as thoroughly satisfying as accomplishing life goals. In 2016, we declared to the world the start of our dream. There is a saying that luck is where opportunity meets preparation and we have been preparing for this our entire lives.


Growing up in the same neighbourhood in the scenic Jamaican countryside, Doyl and I were fortunate to experience the raw beauty of this gorgeous island. We fell in love with the simple pleasure of mountain life: the rugged hilly terrain, random animals scampering about and the cool mountain breeze providing a kind of eco therapy the Wall Street Journal mentions that we call ‘forest breathing’.  The Japanese know something about this calling it shinrin-yoku; every year many book an escape to enjoy this experience in the woods, soaking up a special kind of air as the trees breathe and exhale, evoking a calming effect on the mind. 


We have always had the dream of sharing this amazing adventure with the world. The fast paced, North American city life gave us a unique perspective and deeper understanding of what it means to slow down. We never forgot our roots, our connection to the earth, the feeling of being one with nature and the sheer simplicity of what life could be...uncomplicated. 


It is our hope that you will come relax with us, treating yourself to the luxury of amazing food, surrounded by lush tropical greenery in a beautiful park-like setting. This is, hands down, one of the best things to do in Trelawny, Montego Bay, or in fact, Jamaica!


See you soon!


Come chill in the hills with us

Unity, Trelawny Jamaica

Tel: 876-839-5028

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