The ILYSSE Experience

at Mountain Park

an unforgettable guided culinary and cultural adventure at a mountain paradise




Rum Cream.jpg
Reggae Culture

Experience it

As the birthplace of reggae music, Jamaica's relaxed, laid back vibe will insist you unwind

Hear the genre as you never have before; feel it's energy and understand why it has become one of the most popular soul stirring melodies in the world

Historical Culture
Learn about Rastafari and The Real Pirates of the Caribbean

Learn about it

Food Culture

Taste it

A foodie's paradise:

Enjoy Jamaican Jerk Chicken, a three hundred year old recipe handed down through the generations, with our own recipe twist.


Learn to use traditional Jamaican spices for a delectable dish. Sample local fruit you've never heard of, while swaying to a reggae beat.


​Mix Jamaican made world famous rum with coconut water, or add rum cream to your coffee and understand what it means to feel 'irie'.

Unearth the real history of pirates who sailed the Caribbean and those who made Jamaica their home


Rastafari (never rastafarianism) embodies peace and love towards all. Learn more about the movement that inspired Bob Marley and many others


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